Feel warmly welcome
at cardamoon


my delightful Ayurveda cuisine for people who dream big, decided to follow their hearts and let their intuition guide them.

I deliver ayurvedic breakfast in jars, open doors for ayurvedic coachings and invite to vegetarian and vegan Ayurveda cooking workshops, held in Austria in German or English language.

Come in, if you like. I would love to walk a bit of this path together with you.

Integrating my values  
of joy, love, inner peace & freedom

into the way I work is enormously important to me: Creating a menu, choosing high-quality food, and cooking recipes several times until they are perfect is part of preparing ayurvedic cooking workshops and caterings. I love this process of working silently on my own and moving between laptop and kitchen.

Sitting on a nicely decorated table, noticing how conversations slowly come to an end and faces become softer and more relaxed fulfills me with deep joy.

„If we concentrate on our essence, we automatically begin to shine from inside out.“

Kaja Otto