The energy I cook with
does not only shape the taste of the food but also influences the way my guests feel.

Therefore, I practice cooking like a meditation, accompanied by silent mantra sound, lighting candles and the remaining smell of incence sticks, with which I have „cleaned“ my kitchen before. 

I mainly use ecological products and love to buy from farmers in my surroundings. Being in good contact with them is something I appreciate a lot.

the earth
Walk quietly my love
Let’s kiss this earth we walk upon
With our steps
The moon she shines
In the silence of your mind
Close your eyes
YaYa La Luna
YaYa La Luna
What is the sound
Of the song in your heart
Listen Close
Dance wildly my love
Let’s throw our songs into the wind
And let them echo echo
YaYa La Luna
YaYa La Luna

I believe in the connection of body, mind and soul

Being balanced is an important requirement of working as an ayurvedic cook and nutritional counselor.

For 15 years I practice Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. There, I fill up my energy, let go of what is ready to go and become silent. I am more than grateful for having found this treasure, which allows me to hear my inner voice speaking to me.


My first ayurvedic bites

In 2012 I tasted my very first bite of ayurvedic food at a birthday dinner. It was the most delightful food I have ever eaten. Warming, calming, energizing, beautiful from the outside and spectacularly fulfilling from the inside. I immediately knew: This would change my life.

I copied their recipes, bought all the spices I could find and started cooking my first ayurvedic meals. At the beginning only for my family and me, later for friends and colleagues and smaller events. What a gift.

Experiencing Ayurveda…

I booked a flight to Sri Lanka, quit my job in a social organization and started working in an Ayurveda Hotel.

There, I accompanied Ayurveda guests during their „Panchakarma“ cleansing treatment. I loved what I did. Soon after, I passed exams as an ayurvedic nutrition counselor at Rosenbergs‘ European Academy of Ayurveda in Germany and became an ayurvedic cook at the cooking school of Sandra Hartmann in Vienna. My first cooking workshops could start.

Besides, I was working as a women`s counselor and held weekly group trainings in Ayurveda nutrition and lifestyle for adults in health-related job transitions. Today I bring my experiences as a women’s counselor, an Ayurveda cook, an Ayurveda nutritional coach, a yogi, peace and conflict worker and social worker together. Honestely, I could not imagine a more heart-fulfilling task.

Finally, I found my home

I am a mother of a six-year-old daughter and live an ayurvedic family life in Tyrol, Austria.

Here, I love to be surrounded by people who, just like me, truly believe in living one’s potential and are working on their vision to come true. Here, I share my passion for the ayurvedic kitchen and lifestyle with people who are also following their hearts. And here, I try to live my dream.

My name is Julia and I am a 37-years-old Austrian Ayurveda cook, workshop facilitator, and nutritional coach on her heart-guided journey. I am truly pleased to meet you on my website cardamoon. Feel very welcome, again and again.