I cannot imagine a more    heart fulfilling task than preparing my favorite Ayurveda recipes for women, who, same as I, are hungry for life.


Deliciously healthy Ayurveda Brunch
You are planning an event, a gathering or a special celebration and would love to complete it with a healthy, tasty breakfast?
Tell me more about your ideas, favorite tastes and desires and together we will plan a colorful vegetarian and/or vegan brunch for your group of 8 to 10 women.
In and around Innsbruck, Austria
@ your place
Ayurveda Cooking Workshops 
You want to nourish body and soul, wish to understand the principles of ayurvedic cooking and are eager to learn how to prepare a deliciously healthy Ayurveda menu in a small group of women? Come and celebrate cooking with me.
For groups of up to 6 women maximum 
in Lans, Austria
Delightfully you: Ayurveda online coaching
1:1 package, for 8 weeks
I am happy to get to know you, your current life situation and your lifestyle. Contact me and together we will find out how Ayurveda practices and recipes can support you best on your personal heart-guided journey.
„Trust your intuition. It never lies.“