is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. So very thankful!

    Julia has been specializing in Ayurveda cuisine for years. It is her passion. She was even living in Sri Lanka to deepen her knowledge... We made starters, a dip, a chutney, a main dish of several foods and a dessert, all vegan and gluten-free, a great and important aspect for me. Julia took care of every detail. A Master Class, really.
  • Having an Ayurveda brunch after a Yoga session was wonderful, full of new sensations and an opportunity to learn more about my eating habits. Usually, I feel tired and relaxed after Yoga and what I immediately want is some fruit or sugar. With the Ayurveda breakfast, I realized that what I really need is something that brings me energy. Thank you so much!
  • What an amazing experience! So interesting to learn, share and cook together in a really good atmosphere with nice products. Julia is the sweetest and kindest teacher ever. I enjoyed to cook with different spices and mix the flavors and colors... and the taste was completely fantastic! Thanks again and again!
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